Scandinavian-Canadian Studies is a peer-reviewed journal published by  AASSC. It expresses in concrete—and more recently virtual—form the Association’s conviction that there is much to be learned from peoples of Scandinavia, not least by Canadians, who share a comparable geopolitical situation, not to mention social and cultural values. Articles deal with a wide range of subjects: translation studies, mermaids, multiculturalism, the films of Bergman, Ibsen and other writers, Scandinavian immigration to Canada, Icelandic sagas, and so on. The first volume was published in 1983. Twenty-six volumes of the journal have now been published; from volume 15 on, it is available in both digital and print formats.

The most recent issue of Scandinavian-Canadian Studies, volume 26, is now available. Edited by Dustin Geeraert, this special-themed volume analyzes the “Modern Reception of the Medieval Saga of the Sworn Brothers (Fóstbræðra saga),” with an additional focus on Halldór Laxness’s novel Gerpla (1952), and is dedicated to Birna Bjarnadóttir.

The current Editor of the journal is Helga Thorson at the University of VictoriaShe is aided in her work by an editorial board consisting of a minimum of five members, all serving four-year terms. Although the hard-copy volumes are published only as they are complete, individual articles are published in digital form as they are received, reviewed, and edited. You may also wish to submit your own work for review in the Book Review section. For reviews, please contact Natalie Van Deusen at the University of Alberta.

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